European Innovation Academy 2016- Nice

It is moments like this when words just seem to escape me. It will take a lifetime to make sense of exactly what has happened during the last few weeks. I guess while we can never move on, we can learn to move forward. It is crazy exactly how quickly your life can change. Change does not take a long time; it happens in a heartbeat. Myself and Martin left for Nice on 2nd of July. We were so excited. From the moment we landed we knew that this would be a life changing experience. As the days progressed we met so many amazing people, both mentors and students alike shared a passion for changing the world. We formed an amazing team. Josef, Sohrob, Raffi, Martin, Jakub and I. We felt invincible. We worked hard but we also found the time to enjoy ourselves. One person who shared this passion for enjoyment was Nick Leslie. We all became friends almost instantly. He seemed to have his own gravitational field. Wherever Nick went, his amazing charisma seemed to stand out! For 2 weeks our friendship continued to grow and flourish. Thursday 14th of July started just like any other day in Nice. It was “Prototype Day”. Everyone was celebrating the hard work put in over the last week. We were late for the firework display and only caught the end of it. We were all following Nick to a bar that he knew so well. In that moment everything seemed so perfect. It is really hard to describe what happened next, but it happened in a heartbeat. Nick Leslie lived each day to the full. He always lived in the moment, living each and everyone like it could be his last. He could light up the room, just by walking in. He was adored by so many. If I live just one day like he lived his whole life I will be doing well. Nick wouldn’t want us to give up. Now we must carry his memory onward. Life is short so don’t spent it living in the shadow. Enjoy every moment. Continue to question everything. Continue to fail. ..and most of all. Don’t ever give up. Rest in Piece Nick, Rikcard and Misha <3

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