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Send Real Postcards from your phone!

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Choose a photo

Take a photo or choose your favourite from your camera roll that will be printed on the front of your Postcard!

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Write a message

Type your message using your keyboard. Next, just type an address or add it from your phone's address book!

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Pay & Tap send

Pay with your debit or credit card. Each Postcard costs €2.99 and is delivered via post within just a few days!

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Create your Owl

Create your own Owl to help deliver your Postcards. Your Owl appears in the corner of all your Postcards!

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Put your logo in the houses of your customer's family and friends. Let your guests send a free Postcard with your very own customisable filter at the bottom. Offer them a discount on the back? Marketing has never been more personal.

Make your wedding perfect

Give your guests something to remember your special day! Let them send a free Postcard from your wedding, with a special banner along the bottom.

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Meet our customers!

Person on a tour
Sarah White

My family love receiving my Postcards!

StampOwl lets me share tangible moments of my children growing up with my parents who live abroad in the UK. They love to receive real postcards in the post of their grandchildren. My children love customising their own owls and comparing how far their Owls travelled around the globe to deliver the Postcards!

Person on a tour
Jake Taylor

An amazing way to share my latest adventures!

My friends love recieving Postcards of Julie and I from our latest adventures! I love checking how far my Postcards travel to reach their destination! I can send a Postcard while I am travelling on the other side of the globe and it arrives within just a few days! It's simply brilliant!

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